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A+ Corporation


Leader in analytically correct sample extraction and conditioning systems. Genie brand filters.


Advanced Products and Systems

Advanced Products and Systems

• Casing spacers
• Insulating gasket kits
• Monolithic isolating joints
• Innerlynx mechanical seals
• Flange protectors
• Radolid caps
• Night Caps
• Safety spray shields
• Coated U-bolts

Bruest Catalytic Heaters

Bruest Catalytic Heaters

eProcess Tech

eProcess Technologies

• Sand and solids removal from multiphase and produced water streams
• Dehydration of crude, and oil removal and clean up from produced water streams
• Bulk gas-liquid conditioning and compact separation of multiphase streams



• Rupture Disks and Holders
• Fire, explosion and process protection

Filtration Group

Filtration Group
Filtration Group

Filtration Group Companies

Clear Edge Filtration
Manufacturer of industrial filtration products, filter media and screen print solutions.

High efficiency air intake filtration materials to protect gas turbines, automotive finishing, data centers, food processing, pharmaceuticals, medical facilities, from harmful ingress of contaminants.

Global Filter
Manufacturer of all types of high-purity filtration products including standard depth and pleated depth cartridges, pleated membranes, coalescers, and ASME vessels.

Jonell Filtration
Complete line of high quality filter elements for new applications, or suitable as replacements for most competitive manufacturer's elements specializing in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and power generation.



Heatec makes heaters, tanks and related products for a wide variety of industries. Their heaters are used mainly for heating liquids and gases. Their tanks are used mainly for mixing and storing liquids. They offer replacement parts and field support for our products and similar products.

HEE Harrington

HEE Environmental Engineering

• Fiberglass equipment
• Scrubbers
• Ducting
• Fans
• Mist eliminators
• Venturi eductors
• Odor control systems
• Tanks

Koch Heat Transfer Company

Koch Heat Transfer Company

• Twisted Tube®, Luumus Advanced Breech-Lock®, and
    Helixchanger® heat exchangers
• Hairpin, tank-line as well as custom heat exchanger designing,
   manufacturing and testing
• Specializing in high temperature and pressure, exotic materials
   and special welding

Komax Systems

Komax Systems.

Komax Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in advanced inline static mixing and direct injection steam heating technologies, creating world-class solutions for clients across a spectrum of industries.


MEA, Inc.

MEA INC has been designing and building custom hydraulic, control and actuator solutions for 50 years. Specializing in hydraulic actuator systems for Oil & Gas applications – our integrated teams can build to any requirement, delivering a robust and reliable solution that is sure to see decades of operation.


PR Aqua

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems has a team of experts proficient in designing sustainable commercial-scale Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), which offer economic and production benefits including, biosecurity, scalable operations, excellent water quality and containment-free products. In addition, our Recirculating Aquaculture Systems are also environmentally sustainable with a small water requirement and space footprint.



• Pre-insulated Piping Systems
• Steel, Fiberglass, HDPE
• Water, Steam, Condensate and Oil

Progressive Rubber Inc.

Progressive Rubber Inc.

A leader in the manufacturing of abrasion and corrosion resistant components for the Mining, Aggregate, and Power industries.

John Zink

John Zink

• Process Flare Systems
• Flare Gas Recovery Systems
• Boiler Burner Systems
• Coen Steam Solutions

John Zink

TLV Steam Products

• Steam Traps
• Condensate recovery
• Control Valves, Pressure reducing valves
• Manifolds, separators engineering support

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