Ensure ANSI Compliance with a Free Hughes Site Survey

Protecting the health and safety of the workforce should be the number one priority for site managers. With a Hughes site survey our safety shower and eye wash expert will inspect your facility to ensure you have the most suitable equipment, in the right location and ensure they are functioning as per ANSI guidelines. On average, we can cover around 50 showers per 8-hour day.

Your dedicated Hughes specialist will complete a 25 point inspection, following ANSI Z3581.1-2014 guidelines, as well as national plumbing codes and OSHA regulations.

Image of Hughes shower.

Common issues raised following a site survey:

  • Missing dust covers
  • Inlet ball valve with no locking mechanism
  • Low pressure
  • Non tepid water
  • Wrong distance to shower
  • Obstacles blocking emergency equipment
  • Non-compliant spray patterns

Hughes offers a large range of emergency safety showers and eye/face wash equipment for all locations, climates and challenges:

  • Emergency Eye/Face Wash Equipment
  • Mobile Emergency Safety Showers
  • Indoor Emergency Safety Showers
  • Outdoor Emergency Safety Showers
  • Temperature Controlled Emergency Safety Showers
  • Emergency Tank Showers

For more information on scheduling a survey, contact sales@engineeredequip.com

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