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Over 1,300 North Arkansas Electric Cooperative customers served by the Norfork Substation are still without power following a lightning strike Sunday night. 

At the peak of the outage, over 4,000 customers were affected. The Norfork Substation is located below Norfork Dam.

Microsoft was scrambling to get a number
of cloud-based services up and running this
morning, after a lightning strike near one of
its San Antonio data centers caused a voltage surge.  This in turn forced a power-down when cooling equipment failed, triggering an Azure outage and global Office 365 outages.

NASA has been using LEC to protect their towers and has had no lightning strikes in over 20 years.

Georgia Pacific has been using LEC to protect their chemical stacks for over 20 years with no strikes.

Learn how LEC can protect your assets from Lightning Strikes.

Don't Leave Your Critical Assets Unprotected!

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