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nVent Thermal Management


DigitraceElectric Heat TracePyrotenaxRaychemTracer
All Types of Heat Tracing Systems for Commercial and Industrial applications: Self-Regulating, Mineral Insulated & Heated Tubing Bundles, Trac-Loc Tank Insulation Systems.
• Raychem Heat Trace Products
• Digitrace Control Systems
• Trac-Loc Tank Insulation
• Tracer Engineering and Construction Services

Pepperl & Fuchs

Explosion Proof Devices
Purge & Pressurization, Intrinsically Safe Barriers, HMI products and Intrinsically Safe Mobile Devices.

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

Biogas FlaresBoiler Burner ControlsBurnersProcess FlaresThermal Oxidizers
Supplier of Boiler Burner Systems, Coen Steam Solutions, and smart combustion solutions. Biogas Flare Systems for Landfill and Wastewater Treatment Plants. and Thermal Oxidizer Systems.

Teledyne Gas & Flame

Gas and Flame Detection
Manufacturer of gas and flame detection products, comprised of five companies – Detcon, Simtronics, GMI, Oldham, and the gas and flame detection division of Scott Safety.

Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc.

Bump TestGas Detection Monitor
ACD calibration gas generators are a more cost-effective, versatile, accurate, and environmentally friendly alternative, and provide the ultimate in NIST traceable certified gas standards and bump test gas for gas detector calibration and bump testing.

Michell Instruments

Dew Point MetersHygrometers
Moisture and humidity measurement solutions. With over 40 years experience, Michell manufactures a wide range of transmitters and instruments capable of measuring dew-point, humidity and oxygen in applications including compressed air, power generation, process, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and many more.


Flame DetectionGas Detection
Manufacturer of flame and open path gas detection technology, dedicated to protecting personnel, property and the environment.


Hazardous & General Location Enclosures & Accessories
Explosion proof enclosures and General Location electrical enclosures ranging from junction boxes and meter housings to panelboards and motor starters as well as quality stainless steel enclosure systems.

Applied Analytics

Analysis InstrumentsChemical ConcentrationsGas Process
Industrial process analysis instruments, used to measure real-time chemical concentrations in liquid or gas process streams, as well as physical parameters like color, calorific value, and purity.

Hughes Safety Showers

Eyewash StationsSafety Showers
Manufacturer of emergency safety showers, eye/face wash and decontamination equipment designed to operate across all industries regardless of location, climate or local hazards.

Hazloc Heaters

Hazardous LocationsIndustrial Unit HeatersUnit Heaters
Industrial and Explosion-Proof Unit Heaters for Hazardous and Severe Duty Locations.
Manufactured in Calgary, AB, CA.

Travaini Pumps USA

CompressorsLiquid Ring Vacuum PumpsRotary Vane Pumps
Family owned company that designs and manufacturers liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors, & rotary vane pumps.


Industrial Flow Meters
Full line of differential pressure flow elements; vortex, electro-magnetic and ultra-sonic meters, including Accelabar which does not require straight pipe lengths for installation.

Moist Tech Corp

Moisture Measurement
Moisture measurement technology for monitoring Fat/Oil and coating moisture and for converting, film, and pellet applications.


Insulation Blankets
Removable, Custom Insulation Blankets, including heated insulation blankets.

Gaumer Process

Electric HeaterFuel Gas ConditioningMeteringPressure Reduction
Engineering, design and manufacture of electric heaters, control panels, fuel gas conditioning, liquid fuel conditioning, pressure reduction, metering, pumping and other engineered systems.


An Astec company

Heater Skids
Electric & fired gas process heater skids.


Circulation HeatersFlange HeatersHeating ElementsTubular Heaters
Wattco manufactures a complete line of flange heaters, circulation heaters, tubular heaters, and immersion heating elements for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Komax Systems

Static MixersSteam Heating
Advanced inline static mixing and direct injection steam heating technologies.

A+ Corporation


A+ Corporation is a privately-held and family-owned manufacturer best known for their Genie membrane separators, Genie sample probes and ACES sample systems.

A+ pioneered the use of membranes for removing liquids to protect analyzers in both gas and liquid streams with their Genie Membrane Separators. This modern design is unlike any other sample system on the market today. It allows you the easiest installation, operation and maintenance.

Additionally, the company pioneered the use of membranes on sample probes, eliminating liquids at pipeline conditions to ensure a representative sample as well as preventing liquids from contaminating the sample system. With over 45 patents and counting, A+ continues to create new and exciting technologies which will continue to define and redefine the way fluids are sampled.

With our patented ACES™ line of custom sample systems, you get a sample system designed with fully independent components. This modern design is unlike any other sample system on the market today. It allows you the easiest installation, operation and maintenance.
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